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The 6th Cavitation and Multi-phase flows Workshop, organized by the International institute for Cavitation Research (IICR) follows the successful 5th ( and 4th ( workshops held in Chania and the previous 2012-2014 events held in London. The workshop is dedicated to various aspects of cavitation and multi-phase flows realised in a wide range of applications. It is co-organized by Prof M. Gavaises (City, University of London), Prof Mohamed Farhat (EPFL), Prof Claus-Dieter Ohl (OVGU Magdeburg) and Dr. Steffen Schmidt (TUM) and hosted by the MAICH Conference Centre, in the City of Chania, Crete.

The workshop is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, present and discuss work on relevant subjects with leading scientists and industry experts in the field. During the three days of the workshop, presentations will be given by invited experts in the field in a single-session. At the same time, the workshop will host dedicated poster sessions from researchers working in the following topics:

  • Nucleation, bubble dynamics and sonoluminescence
  • Sheet, cloud and tip vortex cavitation
  • Cavitation erosion, noise and vibrations
  • Cavitation in fluid machinery (turbines, pumps, marine propellers, inducers, fuel injectors)
  • Ultrasound cavitation in biomedical applications
  • DNS and LES numerical simulation
  • X-ray and laser experimental techniques
  • Cavitation-induced atomisation
  • Trans-supercritical sprayshre