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Simulations of cavitating flows in ship hydrodynamics with incompressible flow models
Prof Richard Bensow (Chalmers University, SE)

Cavitation on ship propellers may lead to issues in terms of pressure pulses and vibrations on the hull, radiated noise, material erosion, and thrust loss. Due to the placement in the stern of the ship, viscous effects are important to consider, and due the large size compressible flow models are prohibitively expensive. However, depending on which type of cavitation nuisance one studies, either RANS or LES approaches may be used while in design situations one is even restricted to potential flow methods. This presentation will give an overview of current state of the art in research and engineering, respectively, with respect to numerical cavitation assessment in ship propulsion, ranging from more canonical cases and detailed studies, through advanced applications with RANS and LES, to optimisation utilising the limited information from potential flow cavitation